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Crack Mice Central

This is the home page of crackmice, our mates' mailing list. It used to be called fudge-fans, but we changed the name several years after Fudge, the club, finished up, just to keep fresh and sweet-smelling.


LATEST: This new site is much more up to date -- go there instead!

Oct 2003: photos of Luke and Lean's wedding -- if you've got more, send 'em over to me (Justin) and I'll put them up... (that means you Jon ;)

xmas 2002: It's Gerry's Christmas Quiz! Answers to gerry.carr /at/ Eware /dot/ com, and or Kittyfarrell /at/ yahoo /dot/ com, by Twelfth Day. And good luck, you'll need it.

So, the first question is usually why crackmice? It all comes from a memorable barney between Ben and Podge (right), resulting in Podge accusing Ben of having toadstools growing in [ his ] armpits, with Cormac having mice living in the crack of his arse (clearly Cormac was a victim of friendly fire).

We needed a new name, and who could resist that kind of colour?

The full conversation in question is available here (if you know the password, see below).

So what goes on, on crackmice? Here's the list archives. These are password-protected, I'm afraid, to block search engines; otherwise all our crackmice mails would float to the top of any prospective employers' web searches, which may not be desirable ;). However, the password is pretty obvious.

We have a stack of pictures and letters from Podge's stay on the scottish island up on this site.

If you're on the list, and want off temporarily (for holidays etc.) or permanently, go to the list information page. Note that to access this you will need to enter your email address you're subscribed as, and the password mailed out to you when you joined the list.

If you want to join, put your email address in the form on this page and we'll think about it. ;) This is a pretty tightly-knit group of people, after all! // | Wiki | List Archives | Gallery | Latest News